đź’›Calling all home heroes to help us save lives

 Anyone can take on the 2.6 challenge? đź’›

 The 2.6 Challenge has been launched to help charities during these uncertain timesđź’›

 By taking on a 2.6 challenge whether you  take the dog for a 26 minute walkđź’› reading 26 booksđź’›running around the balcony 26 times,đź’›26 press- ups or 260! Get 26 pals together for an online workout for 26 minutesđź’›Hula hoop 26 timesđź’›Learn 26 words in a different languageđź’›Do 26 cartwheelsđź’›Walk around a field 26 timesđź’›walk up and down the stairs 26 timesđź’›get 26 of your family or friends to join you for a fundraising virtual quizđź’›stand on one leg for 26 minutes everyday for a weekđź’›complete 26 laps of the garden on a scooter or roller skatesđź’›Do 26 star jumps,đź’›Hold the plank for 26 seconds or 2.6 minutes (that’s 156 seconds)đź’›Stretch with 26 minutes of Pilates or yogađź’› Throw and catch a ball 26 timesđź’›complete 26 puzzlesđź’›

 Whatever  your sport or reason please help us  to screen more young hearts to detect heart abnormalities and to place 1,000’s of public access defibrillators throughout Walesđź’›

 Set up

Your own just giving fundraising page or virgin money giving  and choose Welsh Hearts as your charity,  complete  your challenge and let us know how you got on and share any photos  with us on social media!


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Or for T-Shirts and Running Vests contact  the Welsh Hearts Fundraising Office on 02922 402670 or www.welshhearts.org


Good Luck and Thank You from the Heart đź’›Diolch o Galon