Hundreds die each year from an undiagnosed heart condition – that’s hundreds too many. A simple ECG (electrocardiogram) will identify most cardiac abnormalities so that conditions can be managed.

Welsh Hearts are pleased to be funding such a vital and life saving initiative. It is our mission to help protect and promote the heart health of young people here in Wales. Many people still associate heart disease and heart attacks with older people, however this is sadly not the case. But with screening we can make a massive difference and we will save lives.


Let’s get every young heart screened (Aged 8-45)

Each session costs us £6,000 to hold. Private heart screenings can cost around £300 per person, but due to generous donations from our supporters, we can now offer FREE sessions*. We currently hold separate sessions for 8-17's and 18-45 year olds. We cannot hold these heart screening sessions without generous donations of money to help support our work. 

*A £20 donation deposit is required to secure your booking; this is to avoid valuable sessions being squandered. If you are willing to forgo your refundable deposit, we Thank You kindly for your donation to the Ben McDonald Screening Fund.

We can not offer refunds in the event of non attendance or cancellations.

Please donate today to help us save lives in Wales.