Every second counts when you’re having a cardiac arrest. There are 8000 sudden cardiac arrests outside hospital in Wales every year, and only a 3% survival rate.

A defibrillator is able to restart the heart during a cardiac arrest, and can save lives. When used, the survival rate can increase to 50%, but a speedy response is crucial. This is why we've made it our mission to ensure nobody in Wales is ever further than 100m away from a lifesaving defibrillator. This is particularly important in rural areas of Wales where an ambulance may take longer to reach.

Not only do we need more defibrillators in the heart of Welsh communities, we need more people trained in how to use them. It's a common misconception that Defibrillators can only be used by trained professionals, but this isn't the case. Of course, we always strongly recommend that everyone undergoes CPR and Defibrillator training, but when someone has a cardiac arrest, it's better to attempt CPR and Defibrillation than to not do anything at all.

Defibrillators placed

To date, 1397 defibrillators have been placed in communities across Wales, each one of them safe in the knowledge that should the equipment be required, it is at hand.