Welsh Hearts x Brains Brewery Partnership

On 5th September 2018 at ‘The Crwys’ pub in Cardiff, S.A.Brain & Co Ltd announced their new managed house charity partnership with Welsh Hearts/Calonnau Cymru. The aim of the three year charity partnership is to supply life-saving defibrillators and cpr/defibrillator training to each of Brains’ 104 managed houses across Wales.   

Each Brains managed house is already at the hub of their respective cities or local communities and now they will become the true heart of each community also.

This unique partnership between Brains Brewery and Welsh Hearts aims to support the future ambition, that every facility in Wales, no matter its size, will be no more than 100m from access to a life-saving defibrillator.

Brains managed house ‘The Crwys’ in Cathays, Cardiff, will be the first recipient of the Brains Welsh Hearts partnership to be fitted with a defibrillator on their premises.

S.A. Brains Brewery, Director of Managed Houses, Nolan Spratt added:

“We are delighted and proud to be supporting Welsh Hearts through our managed house fundraising program, supporting their life-saving defibrillator installation ambitions, through a series of local fundraising initiatives, as well as donation from the sale of selected dishes that feature on our forthcoming Autumn / Winter menus in the majority of our managed houses”.

Sharon Owen, charity director said “This initiative complements the ambitious work of Welsh Hearts in communities throughout Wales. We believe the impact on lives will be far-reaching, as lives should not be lost due to a lack of a public access defibrillator in the event of an emergency. Defibrillators should be available everywhere. We are excited to be working with S.A. Brain & Co Ltd, as they are at the heart of communities across Wales”

To join Brains Brewery and Welsh Hearts in the efforts to safeguard every member of public in Wales, you can donate via the JustGiving site:http://justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/welshhearts/brainsheartbeat

To apply for a defibrillator: http://welshhearts.org/online-defibrillator-application-form/

14 Brains pubs have received their defibrillator so far:

The Pheasant Pub


The Windsor


The Crwys


The Plough


Twelve Knights


The Wellington


Dragon Brewery


Tafarn Treganna


Tafarn y Phoenix


The Seagull Inn


The Blinkin Owl


The Pendragon Pub


Cwm Talwg


Lord Beechings

The Old Arcade

The Black Lion

The Fox & Hounds